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Training and learning goes beyond just staying current, it goes to the heart of what we are all about.

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We are proud of our heritage and our achievements, both in the past and the present.

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We work closely with the private sector, governmental agencies and non-government organizations to promote and pursue Kitselas economic development and diversification.


Wai Wah Environmental Ltd. is a start-up environmental services company that provides services in the following areas:

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • First Nations traditional use studies
  • Habitat reclamation & restoration monitoring
  • General terrestrial & aquatic ecosystem monitoring

Kitselas Nation has many members trained as Environmental Monitors at various levels. Wai Wah’s goal and mandate is to employ as many Kitselas Nation members as possible and provide a viable career arc from entry level to senior management.

Through Wai Wah, Kitselas aims to promote economic participation of Kitselas members and other First Nations people through land reclamation and environmental monitoring activities as a result of new industrial development in the Northwest region of British Columbia.

Wai Wah is initially focusing on work in Kitselas Traditional Territory. With the help of grants, we plan to help perform work and projects already being undertaken by government and industry agencies. Through this work, we will develop capacity and expertise, eventually taking on work available and needed by proponents of industrial development in the area.

Wai Wah was formed, in partnership with Kitselas Nation, to capitalize on opportunities arising within traditional Kitselas territory in and around the Terrace area. The people and leadership of the Kitselas Nation have a keen sense of stewardship and a desire to have development on the Kitselas Traditional Territory in harmony with the values and vision of the Kitselas people who live here.

Our hope is that Wai Wah will provide a strong platform and voice to ensure that that this sense of stewardship through traditional values and vision is met and at the forefront of all development on traditional lands.

The Kitselas Nation holds a robust land portfolio in and around Terrace, BC. This includes developed industrial lands, fee simple and other designations. As a result of our location, many opportunities, such as LNG development, in the Terrace & Northern BC area, will impact the Kitselas people, and our lands.

Wai Wah is overseen & reports to the Kitselas Development Board of Directors.

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In large part, this includes the ability to actively participate and lead identified activities in the region by taking a proactive role in resource development while ensuring that high environmental standards are met, more specifically.


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