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KDC joined forces with Borealis Geopower Inc. from Calgary in 2014 to form Kitselas Geothermal Inc. Together, Kitselas and Borealis Geopower are exploring the possibility of producting geothermal power from a 15-square-kilometre reservoir on Lakelse Lake, south of Terrace.

Geothermal power depends on tapping into hot water reservoirs, which produce steam that turn turbines, which then produce power.

This project is currently in the exploration phase. The company is working on producing a 3-D map of the area that pinpoints potential sources of geothermal power.

Pre-feasibility testing of core holes is complete and if ongoing tests go well, the company is looking at building a 15-megawatt geothermal power plant.

The Kitselas site would be capable of generating approximately 23 megawatts of electricity for 30 years. On average, one megawatt can power close to 90 single-family homes for one year.

Kitselas has hopes of building a community greenhouse powered by the geothermal energy produced from this project. The greenhouse could employ Kitselas members as well as help with community food sustainability.


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