Working Together »

We work closely with the private sector, governmental agencies and non-government organizations to promote and pursue Kitselas economic development and diversification.

Focused »

We are always focused on providing a safe work place, while maintaining our commitment to our client.

Our Lands »

We are proud of our heritage and our achievements, both in the past and the present.


The primary business of Kitselas Forestry Products (KFP) is forest management, logging, log processing and log marketing.

Kitselas Forestry Products, a ‘for profit’ BC registered business, was born out of the recognition that the Kitselas people had a need and responsibility to protect their forested lands. Our goal is to use our lands for responsible profit development and create a structure that increases the individual and corporate success of the Kitselas people.

A strength of our company is our well-established working relationships with trading partners in Japan, South Korea, and China, as well as with local and regional governments, and forestry and logging companies.

KFP also has a mandate to help develop and maximize the employment of Kitselas members in the business ventures and maximize overall forest sector business opportunities. KFP’s hope is to hire and award contracts to Kitselas members and to companies controlled by them.

Kitselas Forestry Products, a Safe Certified Company, is owned by the Kitselas Development Corporation. This means Kitselas First Nations controls 100% of the voting share.

With BC’s ever-changing forestry industry, KFP continues to be a forward-thinking company that supports the people of Kitselas.


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250.638.8881 Ext. 222


Unit J, 4562 Queensway
Terrace, BC, Canada V8G 3X6